Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices and packages?
All of our packages are custom tailored to each couple. We always offer interested couples a variety of quotes for packages within their budget, so please fill out the request info form for more detailed information.

Do you offer packages for ceremony only?
We no longer offer ceremony-only packages as we feel they do not best represent our aesthetic.

Do you travel or charge travel fees?
We love to travel and do most of our weddings at least an hour away from our home location (Harrisburg, PA). We travel up to three hours one way without travel fees. Anything beyond three hours incurs travel fees but each destination’s fees and needs vary.

Do you accept credit cards?
We will begin accepting credit cards in early 2011!

Will we meet you before our wedding day?
We aim to require meeting with our couples before their wedding day as we want to know them more personally before we turn our cameras on, however, it’s not always possible as many of our couples live out of state. We are always happy to do our best and meet somewhere halfway as a pre-booking consultation or post-booking double date.

Will you be our videographers or do you hire out?
We absolutely will be your videographers and only hire out (to our close film friends) when a 3rd or 4th shooter is needed or in case of extreme emergency (aka grave illness or sudden death)(which would be really terrible).

Will you put my video online before I get it in the mail?
We deliver all DVDs first, make sure our couples have received and viewed them, then put your video online. The only time we put your video online first is if you live far away and are receiving an engagement film first (aka Ben & Emily) – then we put your video online and password protect it for you to watch before you receive the DVDs. Upon your response, we release it to the public.

Tips for Couples & Their Wedding Films

Go with your gut and your style.
The number of wedding videography businesses is expanding like wildfire these days and the options and styles are endless. Search around for a while and go with the best fit for your aesthetic and personality. We may not be the best fit for everyone and would much rather couples be true to their wants, looks and needs than their wallet.

Videos are more complex than photos and therefore *could* be more costly and take more time.
This is a fact most people overlook. Video/Film is 10000x more complex than photography. Think about it – we need to capture crisp, clean audio, stable, well-lit visuals, shoot hours of tapes (multiply that by multiple cameras), record in all of the same settings, in all of the same formats on all of the same cameras and transfer all of that to our hard drives which takes up eons of space (especially for HD) and then spend hours, days, weeks cutting it all together, color correcting it, boosting the sound, exporting it for DVD, creating DVD menus, I could go on. Wedding films are still relatively new, despite all of this, and are still working their place into the business. The key take-away points from all of this are: 1) be patient in waiting for your final products to arrive & 2) you may need to stretch your budget a bit more than you think.

Be happy!
This may sound completely redundant and ridiculous but it’s an important one. The happier you are, the happier your video will look. Just sayin’.

90% of film is sound.
This is super important – audio is what makes one video stand out over the next. We have the audio quality covered on our end, we just need conversations and good sound bites on your end. The more sound bites we have, the greater the story we can tell and the less your film will look exactly like a music video.